Selling Your Home December 15, 2019

Don’t Move It, Sell It!

Getting ready to move to the Prescott area? Welcome to “Everybody’s Hometown”, we are excited to have you! You have picked a gorgeous town. Prescott truly has something for everyone.  There are plenty of things to do in the area, making it the perfect community for people of all ages.  Prescott is often rated as one of the best places to retire, but our popular town is equally as family-friendly (and dog-friendly too!). The Prescott population is growing; however, the small town feel the city has to offer, gives residents the best of both worlds.

As your packing to move, we have a secret for you. The secret to an easy, less stressful moving process, is moving less stuff.

It’s obvious, but it’s true. You can save time, money, and the anxiety of finding the right place for extra stuff if you simply take the time before your big day to declutter. While you may have stuff that’s destined for the dump, the odds are you have a lot more stuff which could find a better home with someone else. So how do you quickly and easily declutter your home before the move?

  1. Start with a garage sale. The garage sale is a reliable way to offload your junk. For example, you may not want to keep your surf board when moving to Prescott, but someone may be willing to pay top dollar it. Another option is a “moving in” garage sale.  Consider having a garage sale when you arrive.  This can be a great way to get to know your new neighbors.
  2. Sell your stuff online. Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, eBay, and Nextdoor are all good venues for finding buyers. These online marketplaces offer a fast option for a large number of people to see what you have to sell. However, remember to be safety conscious when meeting with strangers. Beware of scammers, and instead of inviting strangers into your home, if possible, meet the buyer in a grocery store parking lot, or at a gas station.
  3. App it up! There are multiple competing apps for selling stuff privately, including OfferUp, Gone, and LetGo. Best of all, these work directly from your smartphone, making it easy to snap pics and post ads in a hurry.
  4. Trade in, don’t chuck it. Many retail chain outlets will provide you with a way to trade-in items for credit, especially if the items are consumer electronics, games, or mobile devices. Even if the trade-in amount is low, it beats sending the stuff to the landfill.
  5. Donate it! Just because you don’t want to use it anymore doesn’t mean that someone out there can’t benefit from it. Get a tax deduction and do a good deed by dropping off unwanted possessions with Goodwill IndustriesStepping Stones, or the Salvation Army. This is also a good way to positively impact the community.

Don’t let extra clutter drag down your move. Set aside time before the big day to sell, trade, or donate. You may sell enough to earn a few extra bucks to buy pizza on your first night in your new place.

If you need help finding a place to move, I would love to help you find the perfect home!  Or, if you are needing to list your home, I love listing homes and helping them sell fast. Contact me at (928) 710-9148.