Selling Your Home January 15, 2020

Thinking of Selling Your Home? Waiting Can Be Costly.

Humans are impatient by nature, at times being patient and waiting pays off.  Other times, waiting can cost you money.  Surprisingly, individuals who wait too long to sell their homes can have a negative effect on the bottom line. Traditional thinking would suggest it may be best to wait to sell when there is a flood of buyers in the market, but right now may in fact be an even better time to list your home.

We can see the overall economy is good: wages are rising, there are near record-low unemployment rates, plus the mortgage interest rates are still very low. Over the past 10+ years the housing market has stabilized, so what (if anything) is the biggest challenge in the housing market today?

The answer is simple: it’s inventory.

What does this mean?

While homes are coming to the market, they aren’t coming fast enough!

According to, “a seller’s market is a real estate term, indicating that there are more real estate buyers in the market than there are sellers. When demand is higher than the supply, home prices increase, which benefits sellers.  During a seller’s market, buyers have little room to negotiate price because demand is high. Seller’s markets usually occur when the economy is good and there is low housing inventory available in the area.”

Time to Sell

When we look at the numbers and see the challenge presented by low inventory, we can see that now is a great time to sell your house. This market provides an opportune time for sellers, who own homes in the starter and middle-level markets, to sell in a sellers’ market, before inventory catches up with demand. Serious buyers are actively in the market and ready to make a move during these situations. When inventory is limited at the lower end, like it is today, selling before more homes are listed could mean a significant seller’s advantage to those who are ready to move up. The upper level of the market has much more inventory available to move into, so it’s a win across the board.

If you’re considering selling your home, now may be a great time to make your move. Take advantage of the high housing demand and the low inventory of homes for sale at the lower end of the market and use your purchasing power while mortgage rates are low to go after the move-up home of your dreams.

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