Selling Your Home November 16, 2023

Who to Notify Before You Move

Are you preparing for a move? In addition to all the packing, cleaning, and organizing you must do, you also need to notify the right people and organizations of your change of address. Here is a list of who to notify when you are moving.

  1. Family and friends: Of course, you’ll want to let your family and friends know you’re moving. You may even get help from them come moving day!
  2. Landlord: If you’re currently renting, give your landlord your notice as specified in your lease agreement.
  3. Employer: Be sure to let your employer know of your upcoming move so that they can update your records and contact information.
  4. Utilities: Notify your gas, water, and electric company at least a week before they can shut off/transfer service to your new address.
  5. Internet/cable: Call your internet and cable providers to set up or transfer service to your new place a few days before the move.
  6. Postal services: Remember to fill out a change of address form with the post office to forward your mail to your new home.
  7. Banks/financial institutions: Be sure to notify your bank(s) of your upcoming move.
  8. Subscriptions: If you have any magazine or newspaper subscriptions, remember to update your address with the publisher. The same goes for any online subscriptions like Netflix or Hulu.
  9. MVD: Remember to change your address with the Department of Motor Vehicles so that your driver’s license and registration reflect your new home.
  10. Government agencies: Any federal, state, or local government agencies you deal with should be notified of your move. This includes the IRS, Social Security office, and your voter registration office. Change your address for tax purposes by filing Form 8822 with the IRS.
  11. Medical and educational facilities:  If you have children in school or see a doctor regularly, update your contact information with their office.
  12. Insurance companies:  Let your insurance company know of your move so that they can update your records and make sure you’re still covered.

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to notify everyone on this list. The last thing you want is to worry about changing your address while trying to settle into your new home.

Moving can be a lot of work, but it’s worth it when settling into your new home. If you want to move but need help finding the right home, I’d love to help you with your real estate needs. Let’s connect today!  Kim Shaw (928) 710-9148