Home Remodeling April 23, 2020

Affordable Design Upgrades to Help Sell Your Home

What is it about a home that catches a buyer’s eye? What makes a home “feel right”? When two home are comparable to one another, why will one edge the other out?

The difference is in the details. Small little touches will give a home a major edge in the market. Below is a list of a few clever design upgrades that will provide your home with an overall feeling that it is of higher quality than the competition:

  • Custom Home Address: A custom home address plaque is a common overlooked upgrade by homeowners. It is an affordable killer upgrade that will add curb appeal to the home. For between $50 and $100, create the plaque to include the home’s numbers and the street name spelled out. Use Pinterest to research the design that will best fit your home.
  • Upgrade Light Switch Plates: Freshen up each room in the house, by splurging a few extra bucks to swap out old switch plates. Upgrading dirty, chipped, or cheap-looking switches is a fantastic way to spruce up the look in your home. In the bathroom and kitchen, match the color of your new switch plates to the tile.
  • New Cabinet and Drawer Hardware: Modern drawer handles work wonders in rejuvenating tired or outdated cabinets. Concentrate first on the kitchen, because it is the central location of the home, then look for options to upgrade the bathroom as well.
  • Paint the Front Door: The front door is the first thing buyers will see. Create a welcoming environment with some extra plants, and add a fresh look by painting the front door.
  • Dimmers in Major Rooms: Create a bright and warm environment with lighting. Utilize natural lighting by opening your blinds and updating light fixtures. A simple solution is increasing the wattage in your lamps and fixtures. However, along with bright lighting, adding dimmer switches in major rooms creates a little sense of luxury. If your looking to install the dimmers yourself, there is a quick tutorial by Home Depot, click here to view their YouTube Video.
  • Neutral Paints: Bold paint colors can through off potential buyers. Instead freshen up your homes design by sticking with light neutral wall colors. Light colors add freshness and style.
  • Crown molding: Tasteful crown molding can really make a plain room feel high-quality. The key is adding molding which doesn’t seem ostentatious or inappropriate given the size and existing decor in the room.  Better Homes and Gardens has a great tutorial on How To Transform a Room with Crown Molding.

You might not be able to quantify the exact return these clever upgrades will net you, but you can bet they will help your home stand out from sellers who won’t take the time to make some simple changes.  Remember, success is in the details!

Kim Shaw

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